iPod and Apple’s ad campaign

Okay, though you might not know it by today’s iPod advertising, which mainly focuses on gaming and the newly embedded camera, to me the most iconic advertising Apple did with the iPod was when people danced all over the place in silhouettes against a monochromatic background.  Like this:

Let’s be clear about what is being emphasized here.  First, catchy music.  Music that you might not have known that well but are now thus tantalized to grab it for 99 cents. (For a list of music that’s been on iPod ads, go here.)  We all know that Apple, in this context, more or less functions as a both a hardware provider and a record label.  And their success with the iPod depended just as much on the musical content as it did with the device.

But lets talk about another point of focus Apple is honing, and it may or may not be meant to fake you out.

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